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This provisional roadmap may be updated at any time depending on user feedback and internal needs at the International Brain Laboratory.

Short term

Fall 2021

  • More visuals
    • Text (graphics already implemented)
    • Segments (graphics already implemented)
    • Arrows
    • 3D surface (reuse mesh code)
    • Alternative colormap mesh with just vec3 pos and float value in vertex struct
  • More GUI controls
    • Table
  • Fixed aspect ratio

Medium term

Winter 2021

  • "Infinite zooming" with axes 2D
  • Axes 3D
  • More visuals
    • PSLG
    • Fake 3D spheres
  • Transformation system
    • Earth geographic coordinates
  • Linked interactivity across panels
  • Cython bindings for custom visuals
  • Qt integration
  • Wrapper proof of concepts
    • MATLAB

Long term

2022 and beyond

  • Benchmark suite
  • Video reader visual
  • Jupyter backend
  • Remote visualization server
  • CUDA-Vulkan interoperability example