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Test with two panels and different controllers

# from `bindings/python/examples/`

import numpy as np
import numpy.random as nr

from datoviz import canvas, run, colormap

N = 100_000
pos = nr.randn(N, 3)
ms = nr.uniform(low=2, high=40, size=N)
color = colormap(nr.rand(N), vmin=0, vmax=1, alpha=.75 * np.ones(N))

c = canvas(rows=1, cols=2, show_fps=True)

panel0 = c.panel(0, 0, controller='axes')
panel1 = c.panel(0, 1, controller='arcball')

visual = panel0.visual('marker')'pos', pos)'color', color)'ms', ms)

visual1 = panel1.visual('marker', depth_test=True)'pos', pos)'color', color)'ms', ms)