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List of controllers

When creating a new panel, one needs to specify a Controller. This object defines how the user interacts with the panel.

The controllers currently implemented are:

  • static: no interactivity,
  • panzoom: pan and zoom with the mouse,
  • axes: axes with ticks, tick labels, grid, and interactivity with pan and zoom,
  • arcbcall: static 3D camera, model rotation with the mouse,
  • camera: first-person 3D camera.

More controllers will be implemented in the future. The C interface used to create custom controllers will be refined too.


The panzoom controller provides mouse interaction patterns for panning and zooming:

  • Mouse dragging with left button: pan
  • Mouse dragging with right button: zoom in x and y axis independently
  • Mouse wheel: zoom in and out in both axes simultaneously
  • Double-click with left button: reset to initial view

Axes 2D

The axes 2D controller displays ticks, tick labels, grid and provides panzoom interaction.


The arcball controller is used to rotate a 3D object in all directions using the mouse. It is implemented with quaternions.

First-person camera

Left-dragging controls the camera, the arrow keys control the position, the Z is controlled by the mouse wheel.

List of event types

Name Description
init called at the beginning of the first frame
frame called at every frame
refill called when the command buffers need to be recreated (e.g. window resize)
resize called when the window is resized
timer called in the main loop at regular time intervals
mouse_press called when a mouse button is pressed
mouse_release called when a mouse button is released
mouse_move called when the mouse moves
mouse_wheel called when the mouse wheel moves
mouse_drag_begin called when a mouse drag operation begins
mouse_drag_end called when a mouse drag operation ends
mouse_click called after a single click
mouse_double_click called after a double click
key_press called when a key is pressed
key_release called when a key is released